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I am an Engineering Student and I love to code. My software journey started in 2016 when I built my first iPhone App. I have 4 years of personal programming experience and a portfolio of numerous projects that I have listed below.

I started a Software Company named Zeniqle which is the parent company of all my software projects as well as a Custom Software Development Agency.

I love executing on ideas and building something tangible that people can find value in. Whether you’d like to discuss building an idea together, ask me a question or just want to say hi, my inbox is always open :)

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My Work ⚙️

Bitcoin FOMO Calculator Demo on YouTube

Bitcoin FOMO tells you how much profit you would have made if you invested a certain amount on a particular date.

For Example:
If you invested $1,000 in Bitcoin on July 10, 2015, you would have made (as of Jan 15, 2021):
Profit: $128,487.56
Total Value of Investment: $129,487.56
Price on Selected Date : $283.6
Return % : 12,848.76%

Link to the Website: bitcoin.zensajnani.com

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